4th Business Idea Competition

The innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Office of SARF AUA announces AUA’s 4th Business Idea Competition.

The competition is held by the innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Office of SARF AUA intending to provide the opportunity to all students (pre-grad, post-grad and PhD students) of our institution to be familiarized with the notions and terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The objective of the following text is to define the terms and conditions of participation to the Competition as well as the procedure that will designate the winners of the Competition.

The Competition unfolds in three phases

Phase One: entrepreneurial idea submission. Deadline: 20/10/2020

To participate in the 1st phase of the Competition you ought to a) report the members of the team and their personal data and appoint one of them as a representative for communicational purposes, and b) provide a small but well-documented summary of your idea, no more than 3 pages, filling out the relevant form.

InnovInAgri will accept new ideas until the deadline, 20/10/2020.

Phase Two: Business plan submission.

In this stage, through mentoring (a series of mandatory seminars), The Business Plan development takes place.

During The Business Plan development each team will be supported by an advisor for technical issues (AUA professors or AUA staff with PhD) whereas for marketing purposes by a mentor (businessman or a company executive). Each team will have different advisors and mentors.

The teams that will complete Phase Two of the competition by submitting the final deliverable will participate in Phase Three of the competition, The Award Ceremony.

Phase Three: Award Ceremony. Date: Late May

In Phase Three, the Award Ceremony is taking place, with audience present, where the teams are presenting their entrepreneurial plans which will be evaluated by the Awards Committee.

Competition Awards

Three teams will be distinguished and receive a monetary prize each. The amount of the prize for each winning place is announced each year. Every winning team, awarded with a monetary prize, will divide said prize equally among all members.

All teams participating will receive a Participation Certificate.

Each team is obliged to read carefully the terms of the competition before submitting.

For competition procedure and terms, press here.

For additional info, contact mrs. Anagnosti at:, tel: 210 529 4768,

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