Special News: Carobites: The awarded and commercialized innovative product of AUA

What is Carobites?

Carobites is the healthy snack of high nutritional value. Its base is carob flour. Its natural sweetness comes from carob honey. Carob is indeed an integral ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet and our National heritage.

Carobites is an ideal snack for the office or school since it is ready for consumption with no preparation required. It’s ideal due to its unique nutritional consistency and quite useful for people aware of their bodies and blood sugar levels.

What are the nutritional characteristics of Carobites?

The basic attribute of Carobites is its ability to create a sense of fullnes, lasting for up to 5 hours.

Unique nutritional characteristics:

  • Low fat content: it contains mostly beneficial monounsaturated fats, few saturated fats and no trans fats
  • Low Glycemic Index, meaning that Carobites does not substantially increase the blood sugar
  • High fiber content
  • High calcium content
  • Natural sweet taste, with no additives.

What did the studies show?

The results of two randomized clinical trials showed that Carobites leads to higher satiation, decreased food intake and lower blood sugar values after lunch, possibly related to the low glycemic index and the fiber content, making it an important and useful “bite”.

Why Carobites and not some other snack?

Carobites is a healthy and tasty snack addressing all who seek a sweet taste with high nutritional value. It is particularly useful for people aware of their bodies and blood sugar levels, because it helps keeping the sugar levels down as well as giving a feeling of satiation, simultaneously providing vitamins, trace elements and fiber benefitting health and robustness. The Carobites rations as well as its user-friendly packaging make it healthy, on-the-go snack with many benefits.

1st prize Ecotrophelia Greece 2014

3rd prize Ecotrophelia Europe 2014


Παναγιώτης Ν. Σκανδάμης, Καθηγητής ΓΠΑ

Αιμιλία Παπακωνσταντίνου, Επ. Καθηγήτρια ΓΠΑ

Αναστασία Ε. Καπετανάκου, Μεταδιδακτορική Ερευνήτρια ΓΠΑ

Νικόλαος Γριβοκωστόπουλος, Υπ. Διδάκτορας ΓΠΑ

Ιφιγένεια Μακαρίτη, Υπ. Διδάκτορας ΓΠΑ

Αλκμήνη Γαβριήλ, Υπ. Διδάκτορας ΓΠΑ

Λαμπρινή Διαμαντή, BSc, MSc

Καλλιόπη Καλλογιαννάκη, BSc, MSc

Γεωργία-Λητώ Πατεράκη, BSc, MSc

The product is available HERE.

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